SOLD! VPI Classic 2 turntable in Walnut with Classic 2 arm. BRAND NEW, never been used. SOLD! We imported it for a customer who decided he would rather have a Classic […]

Avid Diva II

We have the following pre-owned gear for sale. USED EQUIPMENT LIST 96 – June 2014 AVID DIVA II turntable – With MOTH tonearm in excellent condition. Highly rated, Very well […]

Here are a few links to an amateur factory tour when Ed Waldrup visited SME Ltd in England. Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four SME Ltd is now […]

VPI Profile

VPI was started in 1978 by Harry and Sheila Weisfeld who still own and operate the company. Their first products were accessories being a record clamp and an isolation base both […]

SME M203

SME Ltd MODEL 20/3A  Complete with matching SME Series V precision pick-up arm and a comprehensive set of tools as well as equipment including Height Setting Gauge, Ø300mm Stroboscopic Disc, Reflex […]