SPEAKER CABLE Prestige Series

This cable is manufactured from heavy duty, high grade copper wire. It is painstakingly braided by hand in litz braid format to increase conductivity and rejection of RF. It is […]

QUAD ESL57 Electrostatic speakers upgraded. These speakers are still considered reference for mid-range. They are better than new because these the have been carefully refurbished by Wayne Piquet in the […]

SOLD! VPI Classic 2 turntable in Walnut with Classic 2 arm. BRAND NEW, never been used. SOLD! We imported it for a customer who decided he would rather have a Classic […]

Here are a few links to an amateur factory tour when Ed Waldrup visited SME Ltd in England. Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four SME Ltd is now […]

VPI Profile

VPI was started in 1978 by Harry and Sheila Weisfeld who still own and operate the company. Their first products were accessories being a record clamp and an isolation base both […]

SME M203

SME Ltd MODEL 20/3A  Complete with matching SME Series V precision pick-up arm and a comprehensive set of tools as well as equipment including Height Setting Gauge, Ø300mm Stroboscopic Disc, Reflex […]