“Did a lot of listening last night. Seriously impressed. Did not know cables could make such a difference.”

“The vocals had improved and were surpassing my current cables by a noticeable measure.”

“They exceeded my expectations.”

“The Pure Audio interconnect were significantly better than the **** which have won many awards.” In terms of the Pure Audio and the **** there is simply no comparison.”

“The only thing left to do is to order longer lengths to replace my front end interconnect cable.”

“The cables are here and quite marvellous…”

“They are really good on anything from Stacey Kent to Hugh Laurie to Pink Floyd. ”


“I don’t know all of the audiophile stuff but vocals are clear and so very realistic, bass is not bloated or flabby and treble is sweet and not hissy (?).”

“I truly wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Those who know me, generally regard me as being reserved and frugal when it comes to expressing praise, jubilation and other similar uncontrolled emotions. My wife and honest critic, will attest that when I use the term ‘pleasant’ in a matter-of-fact tone, it actually translates into ‘Amazing’ or ‘Fantastic’. My brain struggled to accept what my ears were hearing! It was a rare, Oooooh Wowwww, moment.”

“From somewhere in the direction of my fairly substantial speakers, came a wider and clearer soundstage, which I had never before heard from my existing system. The music was deeper in substance, purer in clarity, richer in colour and more profound in presence than I had ever heard previously from my Coincident Super Victory speakers.”

“FOURPLAY were suddenly performing live in my listening room! It was music on a grand scale, filled with melodic texture that was tangible. There was drama, sonic impact and dynamism.”

“Disbelieving the enormity of the transition, I reconnected my existing highly-rated interconnect and played it again. The result was devastating. I was confronted by a deflated midrange, an overall tonal greyness, broken every now and then by a spark of treble, which by comparison, was emaciated. It was as if a thick cloud had obscured the sunlight; tones were dull; contrasts murky and treble stifled.”

“The Pure Audio interconnects produced a clarity and airiness, which made the music lighter; more radiant, without becoming strident; more transparent and less distorted. As I listened more, I began to experience and appreciate those previously hidden sonic secrets.”

“The bass was solid, tight yet unobtrusively present as it formed a balanced contrast to the liquidity and liveliness of the treble.”

“The interconnects delivered a wealth of detailed musical information, comprising fine lines and subtle nuances that previously were smudged and gray.”

“To put it in my own subjective experience it was like sitting in the Karoo (a semi-desert area in South Africa) on a dark night, experiencing the distance between the stars a complete multi dimensional experience.”

“The music just sucks you in, flowing naturally, image turns to absolute holographics and you feel your whole body relax.”

“On my system it opens the stage to left and right like never heard before.”

“On my speakers the bass is big but extremely tight and the cable let them reveal never before heard detail.”

“I was mesmerized by the open, detailed and transparent nature of the sound that made every instrument sound beautifully real and natural, from the shimmer of the brushed symbols and sound of the tight drum skin to the deepest organ notes.”

“During my many years of listening I have found violin sound to be the most demanding to reproduce successfully at high listening levels and was anxious the problem would be exacerbated by the extra definition. I was relieved to note that better resolution helped define the sound, making them sweeter with less apparent distortion. I noticed too that the grey mush of decibels that emanate from the bowels of an orchestra in full cry was more listenable before. All of this from changing two short interconnects – truly amazing.”

“Unlock the music that is in your system but that your existing interconnect cables have strangled out it.”